Thinking about investing in solar panels? Making the right choices upfront is vital for optimal energy generation and a successful installation. As experienced roofing professionals at CRL Energy, we understand the importance of a reliable solar panel system. In this article, we’ll explore six essential factors to help you make an informed decision. Trust in our expertise and visit our website to ensure a seamless and efficient solar panel installation.

You MUST Check Your Roof's Warranty

Before proceeding with solar panel installation, review your roof warranty thoroughly. Some warranties may have clauses voided by installing solar panels. Understanding the terms and conditions helps you make informed decisions, preventing potential conflicts or warranty issues. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, approximately 29% of residential roof area in the UK is suitable for solar panel installation.

You MUST NOT Skip Structural Inspection

Skipping structural inspections for solar installation can be catastrophic. Prioritise a comprehensive inspection to determine if your roof can bear the weight and stress of the panels. Addressing structural issues beforehand ensures safety, longevity, and maximises your returns. The average weight of a UK solar panel system is 15-20 kg per square meter, and a structural inspection determines roof load capacity.

You MUST Utilise the Elements

Consider sunlight exposure and shading when placing solar equipment to maximise energy production and system performance, optimizing ROI. The UK receives an average of 4.5 hours of peak sunlight per day, making it ideal for solar energy generation.

You MUST Have Adequate System Designs

Consider energy consumption, prices, shading, batteries, and installation space for efficient solar panel systems. Tailored designs optimise returns. The UK had over 13.5 GW of installed solar PV capacity by 2020, showing the growing  adoption of solar energy.

You MUST be Cautious of Inexperienced Solar Panel Design Companies

Solar panel defects can significantly impact system performance. Common issues include module degradation, wiring faults, shading problems, and inverter sizing. Inefficient installations can reduce energy generation potential and increase the risk of accidents, fires, and equipment damage. To ensure compliance and safety, it is important to follow regulations, obtain certifications, and conduct proper inspections. Opting for solar panel companies with qualified electrical engineers (BEng. Elec) can minimise the risk of defects and failures, as poor installation practices account for about 80% of panel defects.

You MUST assess company accreditation

Prioritise solar panel installers with MCS accreditation for reliability and expertise. Over 80% of installations without it face higher risks of performance issues and reduced energy savings. Choose accredited companies to secure your installation and maximise the benefits of your solar energy system.


Investing in solar panels has a profound impact on energy consumption, savings, and the environment. With our roofing expertise, we understand the intricacies of solar panel installations and continuously strive for exceptional service. To ensure success, research thoroughly, choose reliable installers, and make informed decisions.

Remember, success lies in assessing your roof’s warranty, conducting structural inspections, considering sunlight exposure, ensuring proper system designs, avoiding inexperienced installers, and assessing company accreditations. Following these steps ensures a smooth transition to solar energy and maximizes long-term benefits.

When seeking reliable installations, explore trusted roofing companies that prioritize quality, expertise, and customer satisfaction. Take the time to research and choose a company aligned with your needs and values. The right choice is crucial for your solar energy journey.


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